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I'm a Mom, Professor, Therapist, minister, published author & inspirational keynote speaker

I wear many hats and have gained over 20 years of experience in the field of Human and Behavioral Services. Over nine years ago, I co-founded Cucamonga Counseling, a mental  health  group therapy practice. I've worked as a college professor for over 12 years, and have three children. With multiple responsibilities and expectations, I learned the necessity of a healthy  and  balanced mindset and the importance of self-care. Yet, it took me going through an experience of an unbalanced mindset that brought about change. Now I am dedicated  to teaching others the importance of mental wellness. 

I teach in the Social Work Department at a local University. I am an avid reader and I've always been known to carry a romance novel with me wherever I go. I have a Doctorate of Education Degree in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Behavioral Health. I'm a firm believer in taking care of self, as a way to maintain a balanced mindset, well-being, happiness, and peace.I love sharing inspiring knowledge with others and helping individuals become motivated for change. 

my experience of an unbalanced mindset

Being the mother of three, wife to a Pastor, business owner, eldest daughter, and confidant to many people became overwhelmingly unbearable. I hadn't learned what it meant to take care of my needs first. I didn't know how to say "no" to others without feeling guilty. I didn't know how allow others to fix their own problems without me trying to help them navigate the chaos of their own lives. All of these factors led to my mindset being unhealthy  and  unbalanced. It was during this dark and low moment, that I learned how to change my mindset,  find balance,  and  obtain  mental  wellness.

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The value of having peace is priceless, and the cost of not having a healthy and balanced mindset is too high. As a speaker, I provide valuable resources and tools on how find peace, balance, joy, motivation, purpose, self-confidence, self-love, and acceptance. DON'T WAIT, RESERVE MY SERVICES TODAY!!


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Speaking Events & Engagements


speaking to kaiser PERMANENTE hr personnel

The employees gave great testimonials after the event and asked for me to provide another workshop for them


speaking at riverside county selpa

Presented at RC-SELPA "Mental Health Matters" Symposium. The room was filled to capacity with over 50 mental health therapists and several teachers who signed up to hear me speak about compassion fatigue


guest speaker for a tv show

I was a guest speaker at The Ladies Talk Show. I spoke about the importance of mental wellness and how it impacts engagement with others.

Inspirational Book

every women need's her butterfly book


"Self-Affirming Inspirational Quotes: Develop a Can-Do Attitude" Book


You matter too--If you’ve ever felt unmotivated, non-confident, fearful, uncertain, afraid to move forward, stuck, unheard, flawed, doubtful, ignored, or powerless, then this book is for you. This is a motivational and inspiring book of quotes that contain priceless tips and information on how to gain happiness, fulfillment, and peace in your life; by developing a “can do attitude.” Dr. Nicole L. Arkadie provides thought provoking illustrations on how to overcome life challenges. Her quotes and message are clear, heart found, and inspiring. By reading this book, you will learn the method needed to develop a self-affirming attitude. Stop always putting others first and start learning how to take care of you because, You Matter Too! your paragraph here. 

Testimonials of The Book

Kiaundra jackson - licensed marriage family therapist| 3X Author| international speaker

“This book will leave you motivated, inspired and feeling like you can do anything! Nicole does a great job at providing inspiration no matter what situation you find yourself in. If you are looking for a book to leave you empowered and ready to take your life to the next level—this is the one!” 

dr. allen lipscomb- licensed clinical social worker| professor| published author & researcher

"This book is so powerfully affirming! It reminded me to be committed to self-improvement and honor and respect my journey towards it. This book goes without saying--self affirmations will never steer you wrong." 

Lisa Marie Hopkins - EVANGELIST| Mother | WIfe

“Dr. Nicole L. Arkadie provides powerful tools to help the reader develop a healthy perspective and mindset!  She illustrates this through revelation, insight and her personal life experiences!  This book will help produce success both naturally and spiritually. It inspires you to persevere in the midst of adversity and negativity to help you live victoriously and POWERFULLY! 

Anne in california -amazon reviewer


"​I really enjoyed reading this book, it was just right on point with quotes of positive reassurance and helping realize your own perspective of how to enjoy yourself by slowing down the fast pace life one is living. Another thing I enjoyed is the book was not overwhelming in length, it was just the right amount of reading on self-contemplation. I also enjoyed how the author shared her background and parts of her upbringing, it was genuine. After I was down reading it, I gave it to my tween to read. Once she is down I am getting it back just to have it nearby for whenever I need to self-motivate myself."


DivaShaw - Amazon reviewer

"If you are looking for motivation and empowerment then this book is for you. Inspirational quotes with words of encourage throughout the entire book. It's definitely a book to keep handy!" 

Can-Do Journal

get ready to be transformed


You are important and you matter too! It’s pivotal that you take time out for yourself to reflect, digest, process, explore, discover, address, and acknowledge your thoughts and feelings. This is a companion journal that is best used in conjunction with the motivational book titled “Self-Affirming Inspirational Quotes: Develop A Can-Do Attitude.”This journal will help you develop and grow your can-do attitude and gain a balanced mindset. 

​​This is not your normal, typical, or everyday journal. This is a 30-Day Transformative Journal Opportunity that will help you develop positive, healthy, realistic, habits to improve and enhance your well-being. This journal will help you gain and maintain a balanced mindset. Each day has a different quote and a self-affirming statement you are to say out loud every day. Saying an affirmative statement each day empowers you to become more loving towards yourself and confident in your decisions/choices. 

​Attitude check. Are you ready to start taking better control over your mind and attitude? If so, then on your mark….get ready….go… I know that you will enjoy this process. Now Let’s start to grow your Can-Do Attitude. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! 

Don't wait, act now and watch the transformation

Change is possible and will only occur if you are willing to take the first step. Start now by committing to this 30-Day Transformation. Come on, you can do it.