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I love what I do and consider it a blessing to have the opportunity to share my message of mental wellness with others. Mental Wellness is important and often, we put off our own needs to focus on the needs of others. Through academic publications, articles, books, speaking events, coaching sessions, media, and consulting services. I have been able to help others learn how to take of their needs without feeling guilty. I am a distributor of inspiring and empowering knowledge and I believe in helping others reach their full potential through developing a healthy self-care regimen and learning how to have self-compassion. If seeking mental health services please visit Arkadie Counseling & Wellness Center website to learn more and address your needs.  

About the speaker

Here's a little bit about me

I am a Mom of three beautiful children, an International Speaker, Professor, Mental Health Therapist, Coach, a Business Owner of a thriving mental health group therapy practice, and a fast-selling author of inspirational books for women. 

I founded Arkadie Communications, a coaching and consultant business to be able to provide powerful information that motivate  mothers towards positive change. I believe that everyone has the potential for greatness, but may need someone to assist them along the way and show the proper steps needed to obtain success. 

"Authentic, Engaging, So Personable" are the adjectives that have been used to describe me as a speaker. My engaging and witty personality has audiences intrigued and captivated. As a speaker, my goal is to educate, enhance, and empower, speaking on topics that focus on mental wellness. 

As a speaker, I provide valuable resources and tools on how find peace, balance, joy, motivation, purpose, self-confidence, self-love, and acceptance. DON'T WAIT, RESERVE MY SERVICES TODAY!! 

my Speaking Credentials

I've been featured as a speaker at Kaiser Permanente, Essence Festival, VA Loma Linda, Great Bethel Church, Promises of God Christian Cathedral Church, All Nations Church, Star Academy, Val Verde School District, Rialto School District, California State University of San Bernardino, Governmental Outpatient Mental Health Facilities, Faith Based Organizations, Community Based Agencies, and more.


professional credentials Coaching & Consulting

I am a Scholar Practitioner who not only researches current problems. I look at ways to solve, overcome, and mitigate problems. I've worked in a leadership role for the past ten years, and have experience in both middle and upper management, where I successfully oversaw contracts totaling 2.5million dollars. I have over 20 years of experience in the field of Human and Behavioral Services. 

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and over ten years ago, I co-founded Cucamonga Counseling, a thriving mental  health  group therapy practice. I am the founder of Arkadie Counseling & Wellness Center. I've coached and mentored countless individuals who found success in my effective coaching methods. I've provided consulting services to various businesses and organizations who were looking for sustainable positive change. I've helped supervisors and managers improve their leadership skills, which enhanced employee morale. 

I've worked as a college professor for over 12 years, and have extensive knowledge of educational system, mental health field, and business management. I have a Doctorate of Education Degree in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Behavioral Health. 

I'm a firm believer in taking care of self, as a way to maintain a balanced mindset, well-being, happiness, and peace.I love sharing inspiring knowledge with others and helping individuals become motivated for change. Reserve a coaching or consulting session with me and be ready to move to the next level.   

previous Speaking events


speaking to kaiser PERMANENTE hr personnel

The employees gave great testimonials after the event and asked for me to provide another workshop for them


speaking at riverside county selpa

Presented at RC-SELPA "Mental Health Matters" Symposium. The room was filled to capacity with over 50 mental health therapists and several teachers who signed up to hear me speak about compassion fatigue


guest speaker for a tv show

I was a guest speaker at The Ladies Talk Show. I spoke about the importance of mental wellness and how it impacts engagement with others.


meet the author

about the author

I have always loved reading books and writing. I am an avid reader and I've always been known to carry a romance novel with me wherever I go. I started writing poems as a child and my love for reading and writing carried on into my adult years. I published my first book over ten years ago that focused on helping improve communication between married couples. 

I am an author who writes inspirational and transformative books all centered around helping mothers and women have mental wellness through having a can-do attitude and a self-care regimen. I believe in providing practical strategies to address real life situations and challenges.  

As a research scholar my academic writings focus on the emotional responses of individuals and ways to mitigate negative affect. My research has addressed compassion fatigue and its correlation to self-compassion in an effort to enhance clinical professionals mental health.

my RECENT books & articles


  • Arkadie, N. (2020). Caged No More: You Have The Keys To Unlock Your Joy & Happiness. Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Ingram Sparks.
  • Lipscomb, A. & Arkadie, N. (2019). It takes a community: Preventing child-maltreatment of toddler-aged children in the US from an ecological systems perspective. Journal of Social Work Education and Practice 4(4) 34-42. 
  • Arkadie, N. (2019). Self-affirming  inspirational quotes: Develop a can-do attitude. Rancho Cucamonga, CA: Ingram Sparks.


Testimonials of self-affirming inspirational quotes Book

Kiaundra jackson - licensed marriage family therapist| 3X Author| international speaker

dr. allen lipscomb- licensed clinical social worker| professor| published author & researcher

dr. allen lipscomb- licensed clinical social worker| professor| published author & researcher

“This book will leave you motivated, inspired and feeling like you can do anything! Nicole does a great job at providing inspiration no matter what situation you find yourself in. If you are looking for a book to leave you empowered and ready to take your life to the next level—this is the one!” 

dr. allen lipscomb- licensed clinical social worker| professor| published author & researcher

dr. allen lipscomb- licensed clinical social worker| professor| published author & researcher

dr. allen lipscomb- licensed clinical social worker| professor| published author & researcher

"This book is so powerfully affirming! It reminded me to be committed to self-improvement and honor and respect my journey towards it. This book goes without saying--self affirmations will never steer you wrong." 

Lisa Marie Hopkins - EVANGELIST| Mother | WIfe

dr. allen lipscomb- licensed clinical social worker| professor| published author & researcher

Lisa Marie Hopkins - EVANGELIST| Mother | WIfe

“Dr. Nicole L. Arkadie provides powerful tools to help the reader develop a healthy perspective and mindset!  She illustrates this through revelation, insight and her personal life experiences!  This book will help produce success both naturally and spiritually. It inspires you to persevere in the midst of adversity and negativity to help you live victoriously and POWERFULLY! 

Anne in california -amazon reviewer

Anne in california -amazon reviewer

Lisa Marie Hopkins - EVANGELIST| Mother | WIfe


"​I really enjoyed reading this book, it was just right on point with quotes of positive reassurance and helping realize your own perspective of how to enjoy yourself by slowing down the fast pace life one is living. Another thing I enjoyed is the book was not overwhelming in length, it was just the right amount of reading on self-contemplation. I also enjoyed how the author shared her background and parts of her upbringing, it was genuine. After I was down reading it, I gave it to my tween to read. Once she is down I am getting it back just to have it nearby for whenever I need to self-motivate myself."


DivaShaw - Amazon reviewer

Anne in california -amazon reviewer

DivaShaw - Amazon reviewer

"If you are looking for motivation and empowerment then this book is for you. Inspirational quotes with words of encourage throughout the entire book. It's definitely a book to keep handy!"